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The Battle For Grenwin

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Federation: Elven Resistance

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"An adventure that changed my life"

"This book restored my love of reading. The author vividly paints a picture of the struggle of the many learning to stand up against what is wrong with the world by joining together. The fast paced plot will keep you engaged so that you feel a sense of belonging and the struggle becomes your own. I felt like I was a kid again, playing Dungeons & Dragons with my Best Buddy in my basement."

"Definitely a good read, I'm glad I

came across this little gem." 

The Battle For Grenwin


Erle Clavet
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Elves, Dragons, Fantasy and magic; I have always loved them. I fell in love with reading when I was young. I have always had a very active imagination and in my last year of High School I ended up falling in love with a creative writing course. English was always one of my favorite classes and after the creative writing course and writing my first book, I could not stop my mind from thinking of story ideas.  Now I have a pile of short stories (free to read on here) and several other book ideas on the go. My debut novel, "Federation: Elven Resistance", is on Amazon, with book two getting written. "The Battle For Grenwin" joins "Federation: Elven Resistance on Amazon and soon will have the other three books in the Grenwin series accompanying it. 

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Erle Clavet

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