Federation: Elven Resistance

Book One in the Federation Series


Elves and magic - the Federation could not allow either of them to remain in the lands. Not if their goals were to be fulfilled. But in order to rid themselves of these two things the Federation would need the help of the Giants and possibly even darker forces. The Resistance though would do everything it could to put a stop to the enslavement that the Federation was bringing across the lands, and Kingdoms, and all the races. Even if that meant chasing down impossible leads that could be more myths than anything else.

Received four five star global ratings!
The Battle For Grenwin

Book One in the Grenwin Series


Demons have returned to the Elf Kingdom of Grenwin and not just any Demons, they are the ones lead by Colwin, the worst of them all. Delray Foreston, the King of Grenwin, faces one of his big challenges yet; getting rid of Colwin for a second time. Will he and his people survive what the Demos have planned in their vengeance, or will the Elves arch enemies finally get their way and wipe out all Elves from existence?

Five star global rated.

Book Two in the Grenwin Series


Grenwin is under attack once more. Telara is no longer a safe place for the Elves and they are forced to abandon it. A darkness is over all their lands! It's the passing of the torch for Grenwin - in more ways then one...



Erle Clavet
Tosach - Cover.jpg

A collection of short stories that I have written, most of them Fantasy and magic based. Some of them pertain to things I have gone through/how I feel with Fantasy twists to them. My favorite stories are; Fate, Peaceable War Farers, and Untouchable Unreachable.